Monday, August 13, 2012

Byebye, ConGen!

Ok, yes, the title is a bit premature. But with two days to go and my final consular training exam tomorrow morning, I can safely say I am suffering from rather severe senioritis :> After training I have a couple consultation days, a 2-day pack-out, then we move into a hotel (with a whirlpool, hooray for the little things), and finally leave for post!

Amazingly, about one week ago, I moved into a state of serene calm that has not been shaken, no matter what things have had to get done (and there are a myriad related to the job alone!). I think its related to our being assigned our permanent housing and seeing photos of the place that will be ours for the next two years (we have a short stint in TDY housing that also looks lovely). Knowing where one will live can have a calming, stabilizing effect on someone who has lived in one area her whole life, after all!

Our house is being properly sorted for the movers: lots of piles with post-it notes stuck on top, gifting items to friends and donating to non-profits, disposal of chemical products/flammables/alcohol/etc., large plastic "tupperware" bins of clothes and linens, suitcases strewn about, and it's only going to get worse, darlings! :)

Goodbyes to family and friends have consisted of parties with heartwarming chats and cakes, random telephone conversations with my mother where we get choked up at the same time not needing to say any words because we understand, dancing about in basements with friends to Arabic music, and more to come. It's been so nice to say things that often don't get said, to feel the warmth of positivity and good wishes, and to look forward to our life changes with all the support behind us. I feel the wind is at our backs, and am seriously overwhelmed with gratitude these days. Life can't get much better!

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