Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Much-Needed Update...

Have 7 months really passed since my last blog entry? Yes, they have, Dear Readers. It is either a testament to how time flies, or how lazy I really am. I shall let you decide.

In December, I had the pleasure of working TDY in Abu Dhabi, a chance to experience a smaller consular section, adjudicating visas for individuals from over 30 different countries(!), and making new connections and friendships along the way. It's funny how consular work is transferable, the applicant pool and country may be completely different, but the consular applications and procedure are the same. Overall, I absolutely loved it, the Mad Scientist came with me as well and worked out of the hotel we lived in for a couple weeks. The city had a very different energy than Mumbai, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Back here at post, I've moved from visa work to the American Citizen Services unit, assisting U.S. citizens in our district. I have always enjoyed feeling of use to others, and there really is no better place than the consular section to do so. I've experienced the joy of approving U.S. citizenship to tiny twin babies born to a same-sex couple, and the heartbreak of calling a wife in the middle of the night to inform her of her husband's sudden death here. Both events have moved me, and have strengthened my resolve to continue as best as I can as an officer to serve.

And the news continues...my second tour bidding cycle ended recently, and I found out our next Foreign Service post will be Amman, Jordan in 2015! Mad Scientist and I had bid this particular post (and this position) #1 on our list, and we couldn't be happier about it. MS recently informed me that the country is building a Star Trek theme park in Aqaba, what else does one need to know? It's perfect! Ok, ok, the fact that he will have excellent internet to continue his work and I will have the opportunity to learn Arabic and work in a split-rotation political-consular position is pretty perfect as well.

We've had some great trips in the last several months, including Bangkok (twice), Istanbul, and Goa, and are looking forward to a week in Leh/Ladakh at the end of the month. Between our many visitors, trips, work, and rest in between, life is has been better than I ever could have imagined. Feeling lucky and grateful, and on that positive note, to all a good night!

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