Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day!

Ok, more like Hump Week. Completed 3 weeks of A-100, and just finished the Wednesday "hump day" of Week 4. Officially on the other side of 6 weeks now, yes? And our offsite overnight trip couldn't have come at a more perfect time- I was sensing a fading of energy at the end of last week but have since recharged my batteries. Really enjoyed the camaraderie with my classmates, and now, back to work!

And yes, inching closer and closer to "the" day. Mad Scientist and I joke that these days in our conversations, all roads lead to Flag Day. Our conversations about work, living, family, all inevitably end up with something like "So...I guess it depends on where we are going." I am truly trying not to be insufferable about it, both amongst my colleagues and home life, and have avoided discussing the bid list once I turned it in. I see little point in debating the minutia of possibilities that may never come to pass. Once we find out, however, I wholeheartedly admit I shall be engaging in endless research to ensure we are very well prepared (and know what we want to pack and take)!

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