Wednesday, June 6, 2012


That's the best way I can describe the last couple weeks. I had imagined myself writing on this blog about my experiences much more regularly, but given the fact that I live, eat and breathe A-100 right now, my time has been more limited here than I'd like. That said, orientation has been amazing, chock-full of useful and interesting information, and my colleagues are a COLOSSAL and wonderful lot of people from such a diversity of backgrounds. I feel privileged to be here among them, and hope to continue our connections as we move forward in our FS careers.

One of the most important segments of A-100, our bid list, has come and gone. I was, for the record, very pleased with the positions and posts, and the countdown until Flag Day begins! Mad Scientist and I were on the same page about pretty much everything, for which I feel really lucky. We share a similar outlook and regional interests, so it made much of our post research and selections quite easy. Now that it's out of my hands, my focus is on moving the next 2.5 weeks as quickly as possible (and I am grateful to the action-packed A-100 classes for playing a large helpful part in this). Most importantly, MS and I have embraced the "world-wide availability" aspect of FS openly, and will be looking forward to any post where we may be sent. Needs of the Service!

For those friends I have not been able to return the call/text/e-mail/FB post, I truly apologize, and appreciate you reaching out to me during this stressful but unique time. I will be back in touch soon!

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